DOI 10.37749/2308-9636-2020-12(216)-3

Ilkiv O. V. Easement as a burden for the owner`s property. 

The article analyzes the features of such a legal category as easement, namely the concept, content and characteristics of easement as a way of exercising property rights in terms of civil law of Ukraine and formulates proposals for improving the civil law regulation of easement. Emphasis is placed on the study of not only theoretical problems but also issues of a practical nature. The signs of servitude rights, the grounds for private and public interests are investigated.  The legal aspects of the servitude are clarified, as well as the individual-normative character is monitored.  Positions on concretization of the ratio of the terms «encumbrance» and «restriction» of property rights through the prism of the provisions of easement rights are substantiated.  The author clearly concludes that the property right in the form of an easement gives the owner the opportunity to effectively use their property, and also provides the right to satisfy the intangible interests of others whose property right to another’s property is not related to property rights.

In the conditions of development and domination of market relations in the society the question of creation of such legal forms which would provide a possibility of a certain participation of one person in the property right of another irrespective of simple personal consent of the last becomes actual. Due to the involvement of land in the civil turnover, the system of easements is a rather complex legal phenomenon.

Scientific and theoretical analysis of the construction of easements, methods of their acquisition, the practice of application of relevant legislation indicates the relevance of this institution of property law, especially in the development of land and agrarian reform, the development of legislation on property rights to real estate.

Key words: easement, ownership, property rights, limits and restrictions.



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