«Legal Ukraine» Magazine is a Ukrainian scientific journal, one of the first scientific publications to emerge since independence. In 2013, Magazine was re-registered in connection with joining the founders of the institutions of the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine.

The journal can publish scientific articles, reviews of scientific events, materials of scientific researches, reviews of monographs, scientific publications from other related branches and spheres of knowledge, in particular political science, sociology, pedagogy, economics, philosophy, management, history.

Scientific materials that have not previously been published in other publications are accepted. Authors should provide a justification for the scientific results obtained in accordance with the purpose, objectives, technology of scientific research and conclusions.

The manuscript should be made in Ukrainian and English and printed in font No. 14 on the printer, with lines of text placed at one and a half intervals; shores – 3 cm.

The list of used literature sources should be given at the end of the submitted material in the order of the corresponding references.

Drafting of the manuscript is carried out according to the requirements of DSTU GOST 7.1: 2006 «System of standards for information, library and publishing. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of assembly».

At the beginning of the manuscript, the authors should indicate the UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) index; after the author’s name and title are given annotations in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Annotation volume – not less than 500 characters. Each annotation is accompanied by a list of key terms (up to ten individual words or phrases) in the respective language.

The author is personally responsible for compliance with applicable law; it must comply with the provisions of academic integrity; prevent copyright infringement; use only reliable information (including names, titles, dates, etc.); adhere to the rules of citation and references to literary sources, to specific rules of legislation, to case law materials, etc .; correctly determine the UDC index; accurately translate basic materials, applications, annotations.

Literature sources used are indicated by the ordinal number in square brackets according to the list of sources.                                The author’s explanations and examples should be given in brackets directly in the text of the manuscript.

The editorial staff reserves the right to edit the manuscript, shorten it, change its name and enter (change) the rubric of the internal parts. Submitted manuscript, which is declared inadmissible, the editorial board does not return.

The author who submitted the print materials is considered to agree to their further free placement on the following sites:

– Vernadsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;

– publishing houses of legal literature “Yurincom Inter”;

– magazine “Legal Ukraine”.

The text of the manuscript is submitted in two copies, one of which must be signed by the author on each page.

Together with the manuscript, it is necessary to provide:

1) a certificate of the author (on a separate sheet in an arbitrary form) indicating the surname, name, patronymic and academic title (if any), place of main work, position, educational institution in which the person studying or working, home (with zip code), contact phone numbers and email;

2) recommendation of a scientific unit, department / department of a higher education or research institution (obligatory for graduate students and applicants) and a review of the candidate or doctor of law in the relevant specialty (obligatory for graduate students, candidates and candidates of law);

3) an electronic copy of the manuscript recorded as a separate electronic document on a standard floppy or disk;

4) a photo of the author in tif or jpg format, 4.5 × 5.5 cm, 300 dpi.

All submissions should be sent by registered mail to:

Ukraine, 04209, Kyiv, str. Heroes of the Dnieper, 31-b

Yurincom Inter Law Publishers, editorial office of Legal Ukraine magazine

Phone: (044) -411-69-08, (044) -411-64-03