DOI 10.37749/2308-9636-2021-7(223)-1

Shulzhenko F. P., Ryndiuk V. I. Quality assurance of legislation of Ukraine: theoretical and praxeological concept.

The article notes that to ensure the quality of legislation, both the official rule-making process and the appropriate level of its scientific and organizational-legal support are important. Accordingly, direct rule-making activity should be distinguished from management activities of rule-making, the study of which is not given due attention.

The most important conditions for effective rule-making are planning of this activity on the basis of the Concept of development of national legislation — a doctrinal official legal binding document, as well as observance of the principles of scientificity, democracy, publicity, taking into account public opinion in the adoption of regulations that affect their quality. The concept of development of the legislation of Ukraine should be accepted by the newly elected parliament of Ukraine for the term of its powers (5 years) on the basis of coordination of political positions of the parties which entered the Coalition of deputy factions in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Accordingly, the concept must comply with rule-making at all levels of public authority.

It is also important to legally regulate the procedures for lobbying the legitimate interests of civil society institutions, business structures at various levels, and so on. Legislative regulation of lobbying should be comprehensive and systemic, as lobbying takes place in the rule-making process at all levels of public authority from parliament to local governments. Lobbying rules should also be aligned with current legislation. Borrowing foreign experience of legislative regulation of lobbying, it is necessary to focus on domestic political and legal reality; reckless copying of the lobbying practices existing in other countries will only lead to even greater chaos in this area and a decrease in public confidence in public authorities.

Improving the quality of legislation will also contribute to clarifying the powers of parliamentary committees, ministries, a clear definition of organizational and legal forms of their cooperation in the adoption of legislative acts. In particular, when organizing management activities of rulemaking, it is also advisable to listen to the idea of correlating the structure of profile committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the structure of ministries. After all, according to the Law of Ukraine «About central authorities of executive power», one of the main tasks of the ministry is to generalize the practice of applying the legislation, develop proposals for its improvement and submit draft acts in the prescribed manner.

Key words: quality of legislation, management of normative activity, concept of legislation development, principles of law – making, lobbying of the process of adoption of normative legal acts.



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