DOI 10.37749/2308-9636-2020-9(213)-1

Hordiienko S. H. Components of security of Ukrainian statehood by sphere of its existence.

The paper identifies the components of Ukraine’s security in the spheres of its life: politics, economics, the military, etc.

In the modern world, the driving force of the economy is qualitatively new knowledge, so the structure of the economy as innovative can be reduced to the following formula: general economy = economics of science + scientific and technological economics + economics of material production.

Economics, in our opinion, can be schematically represented as follows: economics of science (information => information resources => innovation => qualitatively new knowledge => intellectual resources), scientific and technological economics and economics of material production.

That is, the security of the state depends primarily on its political component to ensure the economic security of society.

Political security is a qualitative state of the political system of society, which should be determined by law. Economic security — reliable protection of national and state interests in the economy from real and potential internal and external threats, and in the first place — direct and indirect economic losses.

The security of the state as a system of political power in Ukraine depends on its political, economic, scientific and scientific-technological components, which are the foundation of Ukraine’s innovation policy.

Key words: politics, political science, national security and mechanisms of its provision, political security, national security and mechanisms of its provision, indicators of political security, threats to political security, internal political security of the state, challenges to internal political security, external political security of the state, political economy,  political economy, science and information, the concept of economic security, the competence of state bodies in ensuring state security.



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