DOI 10.37749/2308-9636-2021-7(223)-5

Nelin O. I. Notariat as a factor of forming legal system in Ukraine

The author has studied some theoretical and practical aspects of the notary institution as an independent component of the legal system of Ukraine. It is emphasized that the state has its own national legal framework with inherent legal habits and traditions, legislation and legislative bodies, with formed specific legal mentality and legal culture, all which is consolidated into the notion of «legal framework». In any state the legal framework being an integral part of the legal culture is determined by its historical and legal aspects and is a part of social system of the country.

The author specifies that the important role in strengthening the legal framework is played by notary system.

A fascinating example could be the efficient adaptation of the notary system to operate under conditions of COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the complex sanitary and epidemiological situation, the notaries continued working keeping to the necessary measures and restrictions as required by the law. The Notary Chamber of Ukraine adopted the decision to create «duty notary offices» that enabled to keep the civil turnover stable.

Besides, the Notary Chamber of Ukraine launched an open support line for people and businesses where it was possible to get advice on the notariat issues. The specified service provided the population with the necessary legal support in distant mode when possibility of visiting a notary public in person was limited.

Another example demonstrating flexibility and adaptivity of the notary system to certain new conditions is implementation of information technology, creation of a single database of the most important notary acts, which is a new stage in the notarial process associated with the demands of our time. The next stage should be creation of a single computer network of the notary bodies which will not only provide certain information of a notary public or act, but will make the international cooperation of notaries possible. All that will relieve the notarial process of certain drawbacks and will provide strong information protection of the notarial acts performed. The last on this path should be the integration into a single computer network of all the law enforcement and human rights bodies and their cooperation.

Emphasis is placed on the need for further scientific research in the field of legislative control of notarial activities.

Key words: legal framework, notary system, functions of notary system, electronic notary system (Е-notary system), pandemic, reform of notary system.



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