DOI 10.37749/2308-9636-2021-2(218)-3

Velichko M. V. Principles of biological safety and biological protection as fundamentals of the fundamental basis of the state system against biological disease.

The article, based on the generalized experience of scientists, examines the genesis of the principles of biological safety and biological protection as a state system for combating biological threats to the national security of Ukraine. At the beginning, scientists give a modern understanding of the general concept of the principle, as the principles, fundamentals, requirements, and so on.

Then the analysis of scientific publications on the principles of biological safety and biological protection, as the basis of the fundamental basis of the state system for combating biological threats to national security of Ukraine. It is concluded that while maintaining the current state of Ukraine in the negative impact of dangerous biological challenges, the possibility of emerging in the world emergent, ie new previously unknown to medical science and health dangerous to humans infectious diseases with high mortality and re-emergent (re-emergence emergent infectious diseases) will lead to the deterioration of sanitary-epidemiological, veterinary-sanitary, phytosanitary and environmental safety of the state.

It is noted that currently in Ukraine there is a need to create an effective system of biosafety based on the principles of priority human rights in ensuring biosafety aimed at protecting her life and health and the environment in which she lives. The author’s vision and the list on its basis of the most important principles as bases of a fundamental basis of the state system on counteraction to biological threats to national security of Ukraine are offered.

Key words: principles, national security, biological threats, biological security, biological protection, legal support.


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