DOI 10.37749/2308-9636-2020-9(213)-6

Dolinska A. М. Personal non-property rights ensure a social existence of the Internet user as natural person.

The article is devoted to issues of personal non-property rights which ensure social existence of the Internet user as an natural person. It is emphasized that Internet user, as a participant in civil law relations related to protection and defense of personal non-property rights, is endowed with all powers that determine general legal status of a participant in similar law relations. The peculiarities of the Internet user’s exercise of certain personal non-property rights are highlighted, which are due to nature of Internet relations. They reflect specifics of human communication in the Internet environment. At the same time, threats that require formation of a separate mechanism to ensure the protection the personal non-property rights of Internet users are increasing proportionately. Thus, civil law doctrine should take into account need to supplement existing theory of personal non-property rights with new elements that affect the status of a natural person as a participant in civil law relations.

The specifics of Internet user’s legal status in the context of his personal non-property rights when performing certain actions on the Internet is: in moment of occurrence the legal status of Internet user as a holder of personal non-property rights; in ensuring principle of equality of all Internet users, regardless of their status in the field of private or public law relations; in compliance with specific requirements for individualization of Internet user. It is determined that Internet user acts in the Internet environment through the complex of individualizing features which include: avatar, nickname, online style (image), text information (post), which accompanied by photos, videos, information that defines Internet user’s list of tastes, comments of Internet user are placed under posts of other users, digital signature on the Internet.

Key words: Internet user, personal non-property rights, right to family, right to name, right to respect for honor and dignity; the right to inviolability of business reputation, the right to freedom, the right to individuality, the right to personal papers, the right to secrecy of correspondence, the right to inviolability of the home, the right to freedom of movement, the right to freedom of association.



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