DOI 10.37749/2308-9636-2020-1(205)-3

Osad’ko A. S., Dovhal Yu. S. Use of international criminal groups by the internet and social networks in illegal activities

The article explores: criminological characteristics of crimes related to the use of social networks. The basic motive that drives a person to spend a considerable amount of time on the Internet is based on the physical and psychological dependence that develops as a result of getting used to certain external factors. The specificity of types of crimes in social networks was analyzed, and a number of current issues related to the creation of a state mechanism for counteracting the destructive use of social networks by criminal elements were analyzed. In a practical aspect, the potential possibilities of using this type of information networks for the detection and detection of crimes are considered. The article is devoted to the research of problems of using social Internet – networks for prevention of crime by carrying out monitoring of criminologically relevant information and its analysis. It also concluded that the use of social internet networks to enhance the legal culture of society. The threatening tendency of spreading crime on the Internet networks is considered an urgent problem, which necessitates the speedy response to the growth of information technologies in the criminal world, with the development of social networks there is a need to create an appropriate legal framework that would regulate exactly such forms of information exchanges, which in our country does not yet exist. Due to the growing popularity of social networks in society, it is necessary to organize the presence of state bodies, scientific institutions, public organizations in this field of communication. This presence must balance virtually uncontrolled information criminal processes in social networks, as well as the available information arrays with high-quality, reliable, socially significant information. The development of the sphere of social networks necessitates the growing need for the creation of state information structures for the production of information, which would contribute to the formation of reliable perceptions of all users of social communications, including network ones, about the actual problems of social development and the true state of crime in our country.

Key words: Internet, social Internet, crime, prevention, criminological information, social network, cybercrime, information space, network communications.



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