DOI 10.37749/2308-9636-2020-4(208)-2

Sosnin O. V. Confrontation of technologies of information and communication wars — the basis of national security.

Scientific discussion of the problems of transformation of the legal foundations of state institutes of scientific and educational institutions under the influence of the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) and innovative thinking of people is extremely relevant and complex at the same time. Various scientific knowledge has been lacking for a long time, however, today, when the development of creative, moral, innovative potential of each person and humanity as a whole has become a priority for any individual and society, has become the most important, generalizing indicator, criterion of national development. To be taken more systematically and responsibly.

Information has always and everywhere been valued as a jewel, on which huge financial resources were spent to acquire its media, have always been important. With the advent of radio and television and, ultimately, modern ICTs, it has increasingly become a product that has always been in demand and also sold well, which, unfortunately, has helped turn the miracle of human communication into a monster — a weapon against the sustainable. development of mankind, the protection of which requires deep knowledge of the human psyche, the laws of society and decision-making algorithms.

The nature and meaning of the world, covered by various technical means of communication, are increasingly of interest to society, however, the information and communication sphere, as a geocultural phenomenon and force of influence, began to form not so long ago, around the XVIII century, gradually acquiring geocultural weapons. Again, under the influence of the development of ICT, it has become a pervasive force in the twentieth century, and having acquired network methods of use — a weapon. Today it is becoming the most important factor in the transformation of the world order in the structure «matter (people) — energy (finance) — information — a resource for development». This is how the state and legal policy and the realities of the interaction of the countries of the world with each other and, accordingly, the citizens with the government are built, forcing them to look for new ways of evolution of the economy, military affairs, public power, etc. Using new ICTs, the world’s leading countries are constantly updating their scientific and educational sphere, increasing the requirements for professional training of young people in their universities, trying to form an open society with a responsible attitude to social values, more fully define the responsibilities of public authorities, and it is in this direction that the problems of the formation of modern statehood are concentrated.

Key words: information, informatization, information and communication technologies, information and communication security, information and communication activity, information space, information war, humanities, scientific and educational policy, information legislation.