DOI 10.37749/2308-9636-2020-6(210)-9

Bazov O. V. Jus cogens standards and erga omnes commitments in international criminal justice.

The article analyzes the application of jus cogens and erga omnes obligations in international criminal justice. The main ideas that were the basis of the concept of jus cogens norms and the concept of obligations erga omnes are investigated. The modern doctrines of jus cogens and erga omnes are analyzed. Imperative norms, which have a special legal force, is one of the characteristic features of modern international law. These rules are a set that determines the nature of international law, its goals and principles and in general its main content. The norms of jus cogens include the principles and norms of international law prohibiting aggression, war crimes, crimes against humanity, the crime of genocide and other international crimes. These crimes are of concern to the entire international community and oblige states to counter these horrific phenomena. Ensuring mandatory norms in the field of combating international crime requires the introduction of an effective international legal mechanism, an important element of which are the relevant international courts. In case of violation of imperative norms, there are universal legal relations of responsibility. The point is that not only the directly affected state, but also any other state has the right to raise the issue of the offender’s liability, in particular in the case of international crimes. This is similar to the Roman rule «actio popularis», according to which every member of society had a legal right to protect public interests. With this in mind, jus cogens and erga omnes are at the heart of the legal framework of international criminal courts and are an important area of research in international criminal law.

Key words: jus cogens norms, erga omnes obligations, international crimes, international criminal court.



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