DOI 10.37749/2308-9636-2020-6(210)-4

Posmitna V. V. Current causes of migration in Ukraine: legal analysis.

The article examines recent migration processes in Ukraine. The positive and negative aspects of migration are considered as phenomena. Various approaches of researchers to the identification and classification of the causes of migration are analyzed. Modern causes of labor, political, ethnic, environmental and educational (student) migration have been investigated.

It was found that Ukraine is characterized not only by external but also internal labor migration, but its scale is not as significant as in other countries.

The causes of political and ethnic migration include: restriction or prohibition of freedom of speech, persecution for political beliefs, interethnic intolerance and conflicts at the national level.

The causes of ecological migration include: natural disasters, natural and man-made disasters, in particular: floods, earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions, typhoons.

The reasons for educational (student) migration are the acquisition by young people of new knowledge, experience in improving opportunities in the globalized labor market, the desire to stay in the country of study.

The ways to combat the negative effects of migration, in particular those that complicate the integration of internally displaced persons into the local community, have been identified; state initiatives aimed at returning migrant workers to Ukraine and their economic and social support (state program «Return and stay», state credit program «Available loans 5—7—9%») socialization and rehabilitation of internally displaced persons (Strategy for integration of internally displaced persons  for the period up to 2020).

It is noted that the coronavirus pandemic has caused the cessation of migration processes almost all over the world, but this is a temporary phenomenon that has not affected the reasons for leaving and becoming migrants.

Key words: migration, causes of migration, forced migrants, voluntary migrants, internally displaced persons.



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