Pavlovska N. V. Genesis of the development of administrative-tort relations

The article examines the history of administrative tort law and administrative tort process as subsectors of administrative law and administrative process, their controversial and contradictory nature, and analyzes the most important versions of the concept and content of administrative tort, which is the subject of powerful discussion of modern administrative law.

It is stated that the definition of «administrative-tort relations» in the context of proceedings on administrative cases (administrative jurisdiction) arose before the independence of Ukraine, namely at the beginning of the XX century. Аs a simplified out-of-court type of legal procedure exclusively for consideration of cases of minor misdemeanors by authorized collegial bodies and officials within the public administration system.

The architectonics of the origin and prospects of development of the institute of administrative-tort liability in encroachments on the rights and interests of individuals and legal entities is revealed.

Key words: administrative tort law, administrative tort process, administrative tort, administrative and legal liability, administrative jurisdiction.



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