DOI  10.37749/2308-9636-2019-12(204)-3

Semchyk V. O. Some aspects of the organizational and legal problems of accounting and audit of intellectual property on roads.

The article shows certain organizational and legal aspects of accounting and auditing of intellectual property of Ukrzaliznytsia. After the conducted analysis of legal acts, author makes the conclusion that legislatively determined for the accountant task of accounting and auditing of intellectual property objects cannot ensure the effective capitalization of Ukrzaliznytsia from the commercialization of intangible assets. Despite the problems related to the cost of intangible assets at Ukrzaliznytsya, we have considered only one of them. These are the legal and organizational aspects of accounting and auditing of intellectual property objects. It is not possible to carry out a qualitative study of each of these problems within one article. The article clarifies who is responsible for the accounting and auditing of intellectual property at Ukrzaliznytsia. The key question – who should be responsible for accounting and audit of intellectual property at Ukrzaliznytsia – is the obvious answer. The Order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine approved the National Regulation (Standard) of Public Sector Accounting 122 “Intangible Assets”. From the name of the order it becomes clear that the accounting is carried out by the accounting department of the enterprise. In accordance with the said Regulation, an intangible asset may be recognized as an asset if it meets the set of criteria, namely: it can be identified; there is a likelihood that the public sector entity will receive future economic benefits associated with its use; its value can be reliably determined.

Therefore, this study offers an author’s vision for solving this problem.

Key words: accounting and audit of intellectual property, Ukrzaliznytsia, intangible assets, intellectual property management, commercialization of intellectual property.


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