DOI 10.37749/2308-9636-2021-5(221)-5

Kostiv M. T. Some problem issues related to the grant competition

This article is related to problem issues of the grant competition. In particular, it focuses on the delimitation of «competition» as a public promise of a reward and «competition» as a special procedure of the conclusion of the contract. Based on the key issues of the grant, it is concluded, that it can not be the reward (non-contractual obligation). A grant is a quantity of money given by an organization, or person for a specific purpose and specific period of time. Usually, it is provided for the best proposal aimed at solving a particular socially significant problem. Thus, the provision of funding (grant) generates further obligations to the parties. Therefore, the article concludes to consider «grant competition» as a special procedure for the conclusion of a contract.

Special attention is focused on the contractual settlement of the grant and the need to determine essential terms of the contract in the grant competition announcement. The article indicates that with announcing a grant competition, the benefactor address with an informational offer to conclude an agreement on certain conditions. That is why the essential terms of the agreement must be indicated in the announcement of the competition. The result of the competition is the conclusion of the grant contract with the winner of the competition. Besides, the article considered, that based on the study of the legal essence of contracts, the provision of grants and targeted irrevocable financial assistance, by their nature they are donation agreements.

Key words: grant competition, grant, benefactor, public promise of a reward, essential terms of the contract.



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