Legal Ukraine № 5


Usaty G. O. The ways to improve of the mechanism of combating modern crime



Datsenko V.  M. The best interests of the child in international law: conceptual framework



Kurinniy L. On the bill on realtor activities


MATERIALS OF THE INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC-PRACTICAL CONFERENCE «Procedural Legislation: Ways of Unification and Reformation», dedicated to the memory of Professor Pavel Petrovich Zavorotko

Vorobel U. B. Terms of application of the institution of leaving the application without consideration in case of repeated non-appearance of the plaintiff in court

Gromova M. E. Possibility of concluding a conciliation agreement at all stages of criminal proceedings

Epanchincev O. S. Simplified proceedings in civil proceedings in Ukraine: a historical aspect

Karvatskiy A. M. Initiation of a pre-trial investigation: problematic aspects related to registration in the single register of pre-trial investigations

Lysachenko E. I. Regarding the recording of the results of the use of temporary access to things and documents as a means of criminal procedural evidence

Popeluk  V. P. Regarding the practice of the Supreme Court in cases of recovery of funds for «non-contractual» land lease

Sysoenko G. I.  Some issues of the status of the suspect and accused in criminal proceedings

Tsuvina T. A. International Standard on Access to Justice and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Shpak  M. V.  Problems of providing legal assistance in the execution of court decisions in civil cases