DOI 10.37749/2308-9636-2020-12(216)-1

Prystinska K. O. Legal principles of activity of the civil service of Ukraine on medicines and drug control.

The article examines the activities of the State Medical Service of Ukraine in terms of consideration of their management, jurisdictional and control and supervisory component. The State Medical Service is a state body that exercises rights and responsibilities in the field of administrative and legal regulation of the use of drugs and drug trafficking.  This body has the right to make decisions that are binding on certain executive bodies, local governments, officials, businesses, citizens.  In order to solve complex problems related to human health and counteract the spread of illicit drug trafficking, in 2014 the State Service of Ukraine for Medicines and Drug Control was established by reorganizing the State Service for Medicines.  funds and the State Drug Control Service. The main task of this structure was the implementation of state policy, which was previously carried out by the State Service for Medicines and the State Service for Drug Control.  Calculations of quantitative indicators of the Regulations on this service have been carried out. Significant uneven distribution of material and shortcomings of legal technique are shown.  The tasks of the State Medical Service are analyzed, which are systematized in the following areas: practice of application of legislation;  state control;  issuance of instructions and licenses;  issuance of permits.  It has been proved that the State Medical Service is responsible for implementing a set of measures to combat drug trafficking.  Its structure, territorial subdivisions and state enterprises are considered.  It is shown that in 2019 the State Medical Service found 2 453 violations of the law, which resulted in the termination of licenses and a ban on business activities.  This structure interacts with law enforcement agencies, citizens, public and international organizations in the field of combating drug trafficking.  It is noted that the State Medical Service conducts extensive international cooperation in the field of combating drug trafficking with the European Commissions and International Committees, to which information related to drug trafficking is sent on a regular basis.

Key words: administrative activity, executive bodies, narcotic substances, medicines, state policy, illicit trafficking.



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